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Protect Your Business From Malware
What is the best antivirus Endpoint protection for your business? To protect your network from malware, you need a Next Generation Protection that will intelligently guard your network and safekeep your data. Here at Corporate Shields, we are your first line of defense against malware. There are some great antiviruses out there, but when it comes to any cybersecurity, great is not enough, you want Next Generation Technology that can fight any and all attacks.

What is Malware?
Malware is computer software programs designed to spread from one computer to another computer and in the process infect computers with malicious software. Whether the Malware is a virus, adware, spyware there are many types of Malware out there; each has different intentions. You may have Malware and not even know it. If you are using a computer, more than likely you have possibly experienced this issue. To sum it up, malware is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. You want to keep your computer safe, your employees safe, and your client’s data safe. Malware can infect your network at any moment, and if you do not take precautions or have the proper protection, you will get infected. We can help prevent that.

Data At Rest and In Transit

Do you know if your data is secure? Most likely, it isn’t. Here’s why you should consider using our encryption services.

What is Encryption?
Data that is either sitting on your computer or in transit to another server can be vulnerable, which is why you want to set up encrypted data that can only be decrypted with a password. Anything that holds non-volatile memory such as hard drives, USBs, memory cards, needs to be encrypted to protect unwanted users from accessing the data.

Why You Need Encryption
If you are sending a file over email, or it’s just resting on your computer, there are a number of ways hackers can access your data if it is not encrypted. When sending data, If your data is sent via protocols that do not encrypt, that data will be in clear text, and an attacker can see whatever you sent even if its passwords or emails. This is why you need to make sure you are using encryption methods for sending data.

Different Forms of Encryption
There are different ways to encrypt your data depending on your individual, or business needs. There are three different ways of encrypting data at rest, and that is by File Encryption, Folder Encryption, and Disc Encryption.

File Encryption
File Encryption encrypts the file itself, which means that even if you were to send or move the file anywhere, it will remain encrypted.

Folder Encryption
Folder Encryption encrypts data that is within a folder. If this data is moved from the folder, it is no longer encrypted.

Disc Encryption
Disc encryption encrypts data on a physical disc or on hardware, thus preventing access from outside intrusion. Data Encryption is important for your business, and the safety of your employees and clients, so personal information is not lost.

Let us resolve your data issues, but encrypting important information so it is safe and secure.

Layered Security
Hackers are no longer just targeting large companies; they are also targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Many small and medium-sized businesses do not have the necessary network security to prevent an attack.

How We Can Help
That’s where Corporate Shields comes in. We have the resources for all your IT needs, including Security Architects with the highest levels of Internet Security expertise plus we have access to the best technologies and solutions. At Corporate Shields we use technology recognized by the industries’ top experts and provide comprehensive user training. These all, when working together, can help keep your data safe.

Next Generations Firewalls
Corporate Shields has partnered with the leading security technology companies to offer you innovative and smart systems capable of adapting to today’s cyber threats. We can provide comprehensive and strong Next Generation protection to your business.

At Corporate Shields we know how to protect your business.


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