Setup Parallels Agent Instructions:

1. Go to


2. Click Download Client on the top right.

Parallels Setup Image 01



3. If you already have the Parallels client installed, skip to step 6. Otherwise, if you need to install it, click Download.

Parallels Setup Image 02



4. If you get the following warning, click Proceed.

Parallels Setup Image 03


5. Once you download the ClientDownloader.exe file, go ahead and run it. Once you run it, install it by clicking Next several times and then on the screen shown below, Uncheck Launch Parallels Client and then click Finish.

Parallels Setup Image 04



6. Go back to the website we left open as shown below and click Configure.

Parallels Setup Image 05



7. You will now see the following window. Click Open Parallels Client.

Parallels Setup Image 06

8. You will now be prompted to login. Please use yourusername@myrtconline in the username field. Example below:

Parallels Setup Image 07



9. You can now launch any of your applications from the shortcuts created on your desktop or directly from the Parallels window.

Parallels Setup Image 08


If you have any questions, please contact our support department at or contact our office at 407-573-0206.